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Embedded Java using barcode printer for applet control to generate, create pdf417 2d barcode image in applet applications. .NET Micro Framework // Since only j2ee pdf417 one program per card, make // the password static. private static int fPassword-- = 0x2201; // Label pins on final static int final static int final static int final static int evaluation card for serial I/O SERIAL-TX-PIN = CPU.pin0; SERIAL-RTS-PIN = CPU.

pin1; SERIAL-CTS-PIN = CPU.pin2; SERIAL-RX-PIN = CPU.pin3;.

// Create the UART vp for transmission via COM serial port static Uart fTxUart-- = new Uart (Uart.dirTransmit, SERIAL-TX-PIN, Uart.dontInvert, SERIAL-RTS-PIN, Uart.

dontInvert, Uart.speed9600, Uart.stop1); // Create the UART vp for reception via the COM serial port static Uart fRxUart-- = new Uart (Uart.

dirReceive, SERIAL-RX-PIN, Uart.dontInvert, SERIAL-CTS-PIN, Uart.dontInvert, Uart.

speed9600, Uart.stop1); /** Resetting Javelin will start the program here. **/ public static void main () { // Local variable int data=0; // Create a temperature data sensor.

DataGenerator temp-sensor = new TempDataGenJavelin (); // Loop continuously, each time waiting for a request to arrive with // the password (PW). Then get the temperature reading and send it. do { // Go into receive mode and wait for PW checkPW (); // Get the data data = temp-sensor.

getData (); // and then send it to the requestor. sendInt (data);. } while (true); } // main /** * Utility method to send int value as 24.9 Programming the Javelin Stamp * two bytes. U se "big-endian" mode with most * significant byte sent first. **/ static void sendInt (int data) { fTxUart--.

sendByte (data >>> 8); fTxUart--.sendByte (data & 0x00FF);. /** * Utility barcode pdf417 for Java method to receive 2 bytes and make an * int value (16 bits in Javelin) from them. **/ static int receiveInt () { int byte1 = fRxUart--.receiveByte (); int byte2 = fRxUart--.

receiveByte (); return byte2 . (byte1 << 8);. /** * Utility PDF 417 for Java method to receive an int value and compare it to the password. **/ static void checkPW () { do { int data = receiveInt (); if (data == fPassword--) { fTxUart--.sendString ("PW OK!\n\r"); break;.

} ndString ("Wrong PW!\n\r"); } while (true); } // checkPW } // class SendTempDataJavelin. The class Temp Java PDF-417 2d barcode DataGenJavelin creates an instance of the DS1620 class from the package stamp.peripheral.sensor.

temperature and passes the numbers of the pins that connect to the chip. The getData() method provides the temperature readings in units of 0.5 degrees Celsius.

See Figure 23.1 for an example of temperature readings from the chip..

import stamp.c ore.*; import stamp.


DS1620; /** * Create a class that obtains the current temperature with the DS1620 chip. * It extends the DataGenerator class and overrides the getData() method to. Embedded Java * return the temperature value in an int value. **/ class TempDataGenJavelin extends DataGenerator DS1620 fThermo jvm PDF-417 2d barcode meter; /** Constructor creates an instance of DS1620. **/ TempDataGenJavelin () { fThermometer = new DS1620 (CPU.pin4, CPU.

pin5, CPU.pin6);. /** Return tem perature in units of 0.5 degrees Celsius. **/ int getData () { return fThermometer.

getTempRaw ();. } } // class TempDataGenJavelin /** * Javelin does not allow for interfaces so use an abstract class to represent * types of data generators. */ public abstract class DataGenerator. abstract int getData ();. 24.9.2 A Javelin Stamp for an unmanned aerial vehicle Another demons jar pdf417 tration project [32], discussed in more detail in the Web Course, involved the development of a system with the Javelin Stamp to provide location measurement and sensor data recording in a small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The goal was for the plane to y autonomously and measure ambient radioactivity. The entire payload, including batteries and the UAV, is less than 7 kg.

The position of the UAV in the horizontal plane comes from a GPS-module read via a serial line. The GPS module provides data in a standard protocol and code was written for the Javelin to translate the readings to longitude/latitude values. For the altitude coordinate the Javelin measured the analog voltage output from a pressure gauge.

A virtual peripheral object provides for 8-bit analog-todigital conversion (ADC) for voltages between 0 and 5 V on any of the I/O pins using just a few passive components (two resistors and a capacitor). For the radiation measurements, a standard Geiger counter with passive components and an operational ampli er gave an output proportional to the count rate, and this output was measured with another ADC on the Javelin Stamp. Garari and.

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