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Part II 176C 177A generate, create gs1 datamatrix barcode none for .net projects Two-out-of-five code this is how he shou .NET 2d Data Matrix barcode ld proceed in ritually performing an exorcism, not being puffed up or violent. Hence, people should not take part in Divine Service of this kind without the intent of act or habit629 and certainly without stumbling over the obligatory words or passing them over in silence! In fact, it is necessary to state that just as four essential elements (physical matter, form, intention and ecclesiastical order, in the procedures discussed above) serve the purpose of completing a Sacrament, the same is the case with exorcism in its own procedure: when one is lacking, the of ciant will not be able to complete the Sacrament.

630 The objection is not valid that people were baptized without exorcism in the primitive Church or that even in the present time a person who 176D has been baptized can receive the character631 of the baptism without exorcism, because in that case it would have been vain for Gregory to institute exorcisms and the Church would instead be in error in its ceremonies. Hence, I have not dared to censure in any way those who wish to rebaptize in a speci c circumstance those affected by sorcery and perchance make good what was neglected.632 Regarding those who walk across tall buildings at night-time without being harmed,633 many claim that this is clearly the work of an evil spirit who carries them in this way.

It is recognized that when such people are rebaptized, they are better. The amazing thing is that when they are referred to634 by their own names, they are suddenly dashed to the ground, as if the name may not have been bestowed on them in the appropriate manner at their baptism. It is a good idea for the reader to pay attention to these six impediments.

Although they refer to the energumini (the possessed) and not to those affected by sorcery, nonetheless, God s virtue is needed equally in each case. Indeed, it can be said that it is a matter of greater dif culty to heal someone affected by sorcery than an energuminus (a possessed person). Therefore, if these impediments are relevant in the latter case, then they are a fortiori relevant in the case of those affected by sorcery.

This is proven by the following reasoning. As was explained above 177A ( Ten),635 while people are sometimes possessed because of no. 629 630 631 632 633 634 635. For the sense of th Data Matrix barcode for .NET ese requirements, see Aq., Sent.


2a.Ra4 and 2.40.


See Aq., Sent. 4.


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, the permanent impression made on the soul by the rite. The defensiveness of the defense of rebaptism can be explained by the fact that Aquinas rejected the repetition of the rite under any circumstances (Sent. 4.


See 102C. I.e.

, while sleepwalking. 127A B..

The Hammer of Witches 177A C crime of their own ECC200 for .NET but because of someone else s trivial crime (for various reasons), in the case of sorcery affecting adults this mostly happens to them because they are being possessed very severely by a demon from within for the purpose of killing their soul. Hence, in the case of those affected by sorcery two sorts of labor are required for this very severe kind of possession, while only a straightforward labor is needed in the case of those possessed from without.

Cassian says (Conference about Abbot Serenus [7.31]), Those people are truly miserable and are to be judged worthy of pity of whom it is the case that, when they pollute themselves with every kind of crime and misdeed, not only is no sign of the Devil s occupation plausibly displayed in them, but not even any temptation commensurate with their works or any scourging of chastisement is in icted. They do not deserve the swift and expeditious medicine for this emergency.

Their obduracy and impenitent heart surpass the penalty of the present life, and they store up for themselves anger and outrage 177B on the day of anger and the revelation of the just judgment of God. On that day their worms636 will not die and their ames will not be put out. Also, a little bit earlier Cassian [7:25] compares bodily possession to that of the soul through sin, saying, It is generally agreed that those people are harassed more severely and vigorously who hardly seem to be af icted by the demons in body but are more destructively possessed in spirit, being entangled in their vices and pleasures.

For according to the view of the Apostle [Romans 6:16], a person is made the slave of someone by whom he is overcome. But these people are more hopelessly sick in that because they are the chattel of the demons, they do not recognize either that they are being assailed by them or that they are enduring their tyranny. From the foregoing it can be concluded a fortiori that when people are affected by sorcery through being possessed by a demon not from without but from within with reference to the killing of their souls, the greater number of impediments makes it more dif cult for such people to be healed.

As for the third basic question637 (remedies consisting not of words but of works), regarding remedies of this kind, it is to be noted that there are two kinds of such remedies, and they are either altogether lawful and not suspect or suspect and not altogether lawful. The rst 177C kind was directly treated above at the end of Five, where a. It was part of the medieval conception of hell that the worms that have been consuming the corpses in the period between their death and the resurrection of the dead on the Day of Judgment would continue to do so as part of the eternal punishment of the damned. As laid out in 170D 171A..

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