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2. using barcode generation for .net framework control to generate, create pdf417 2d barcode image in .net framework applications. GS1 Data Matrix Introduction Adding a custo PDF-417 2d barcode for .NET m icon will help better communicate and visually identify a specific option. The arrow icon is 16 by 16 pixels, but you can use larger icons 32 by 32 pixels are standard.

If you need to position a shield on top of existing icon, then always go for 32 by 32 or, if space allows, consider using 48 by 48 pixels icons.. 10. Command li nk labels should be clear, concise, and understandable. If the option they are presenting is complex, you can use descriptions but, again, keep in mind that they are optional and should not be overused.

. See also f f f f Command button PDF417 for .NET s Wizards Progress indicators with known process duration Progress indicators with unknown process duration. Split button and creating one from scratch Unfortunately, barcode pdf417 for .NET WPF lacks a simple Split Button control. Basically, it is the regular button usually used to consolidate a set of variations of a command, especially when one of the commands is used most of the time.

Typical (expanded) split button might look like this one shown from Outlook 2007:. Actions and Co mmands In this recipe we will create a really simple but effective split button with accompanying dropdown menu.. Getting ready Start your Exp ression Blend 4 and then select New project...

From the dialog that appears select WPF and then WPF Application, make sure that Language is set to C# and Version is 4.0. At the end hit OK.

. How to do it... 1. After you h ave created your new project, under the Objects and Timeline pane you will see Window and LayoutRoot. LayoutRoot is a Grid control hosted in Window.

2. We will create our split button using two buttons and context menu. Be sure to check out the recipe about context menus to help you understand some related concepts.

3. From the Asset library (or from the Toolbox) draw a button on top of your design surface. Call it btnContent and set its Content property to New.

Set the Height to Auto and Width to 82. 4. Now add a new button, calling it btnDropDown.

Set its Height also to Auto and Width to 105. 5. We will use btnDropDown as a part of the split button that, when clicked, opens a drop-down menu.

For that reason set its Content to 6 (downward pointing rectangle, available as a Webding font, you can use Word > Insert > Symbol and then 6. So you can copy and paste into Content property of your btnDropDown. Be sure to change the Font to the Webdings for the button.

6. Furthermore, set the HorizontalContentAlignment property of the btnDropDown to Right to make sure that the triangle is right-aligned. Also, set the HorizontalContentAlignment property of the btnContent to Left and left Padding to 5 to move the string New a bit from the left edge.

7. Position the btnContent on top of the btnDropDown. They should look somewhat like this:.

2 . 8. We have now basically achieved the split menu look; now we need to add a drop-down menu that will appear when the user clicks on the triangle part in reality, our btnDropDown. 9.

With btnDropDown selected, define a new context menu for it. Go to the Miscellaneous section under the Properties pane and hit the New button next to the ContextMenu property field. Collection editor will appear and there you can create your context menu.

For more details you can refer to the Context menu recipe explained earlier in this chapter. 10. Be sure to set the Placement property of your context menu to Bottom.

11. After you have created your context menu, you need to give it a name so it can be referenced later on. Go to your XAML or Split view (switch with F11).

Locate the piece of code that looks like this:. <Button.Con pdf417 2d barcode for .NET textMenu > <ContextMenu Placement="Bottom"> <MenuItem Header="Mail"/> <MenuItem Header="Note"/> </ContextMenu> </Button.

ContextMenu>. 12. Add the x: Name part and make it look like this:.
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