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Conventions using .net framework tointegrate pdf-417 2d barcode on web,windows application ISO QR Code standard In this book, you will pdf417 2d barcode for .NET find a number of styles of text that distinguish between different kinds of information. Here are some examples of these styles, and an explanation of their meaning.

Code words in text are shown as follows: " The key/value pairs are divided by colons, in the format key: value ." A block of code will be set as follows:. var book = { name: "Cat ch-22", published: 1961, author: { firstname: "Joseph", lastname: "Heller" } };. Preface. When we wish to draw yo ur attention to a particular part of a code block, the relevant lines or items will be shown in bold:. function TwoDShape(){} Visual Studio .NET pdf417 2d barcode // take care of inheritance TwoDShape.prototype = Shape.

prototype; TwoDShape.prototype.constructor = TwoDShape;.

New terms and important words are introduced in a bold-type font. Words that you see on the screen, in menus or dialog boxes for example, appear in our text like this: "clicking the Next button moves you to the next screen"..

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. I"d like to dedicate th is book to my wife Eva and my daughters Zlatina and Nathalie. Thank you for your patience, support, and encouragement. To my reviewers who volunteered their time reviewing drafts of this book and whom I deeply respect and look up to: a big thank you for your invaluable input.

. Introduction What do Yahoo! Maps, Go ogle Maps, Yahoo! Mail, My Yahoo!, Gmail, Digg, YouTube and a plethora of other popular "Web 2.0" applications have in common They all offer rich and responsive user interfaces, heavily employing code written in the JavaScript language. JavaScript started with simple one-liners embedded in HTML, but is now used in much more sophisticated ways.

Developers leverage the object-oriented nature of the language to build scalable code architectures made up of reusable pieces. JavaScript provides behavior, the third pillar in today"s paradigm that sees web pages as consisting of three clearly distinguishable parts: content (HTML), presentation (CSS), and behavior (JavaScript). JavaScript programs run inside a host environment.

The web browser is the most common environment, but it is not the only one. Using JavaScript, you can create all kinds of widgets, application extensions, and other pieces of software. Learning JavaScript is a pretty good deal: you learn one language and can then code all kinds of different applications.

This book is about JavaScript and focuses on its object-oriented nature. The book starts from zero, and does not assume any prior programming knowledge. Although there is one chapter dedicated to the web browser environment, the rest of the book is about JavaScript in general, so is applicable to all environments.

Let"s start with the first chapter, which gives you an overview of the story behind JavaScript. It also introduces the basic concepts you"ll encounter in discussions on object-oriented programming..

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