SELECT Name, Firstname FROM Customer WHERE ID=1234 in Java Assign Code-39 in Java SELECT Name, Firstname FROM Customer WHERE ID=1234

SELECT Name, Firstname FROM Customer WHERE ID=1234 using spring framework touse 39 barcode for web,windows application Barcodes for Mobile Applications The above sta spring framework 3 of 9 barcode tement will display the name and first name of the customer having the ID 1234 or NULL if there is no customer with that ID. Template A template is a sample edit format. In Struts, the option used to define the layout of an application is called as a template.

Test First Approach The Test First Approach is an integral part of Extreme Programming (XTreme); it corresponds with the idea of Kent Beck of carrying out the well-established "Best Practice points". There is still debate over effectiveness of this approach. There are experiments, for example, with pair programming (two developers sharing one computer), which at least in a lab setting proved that there is definitely an improvement in the performance.

Beck advises first writing all the tests for all possible problems before even starting developing the software. The software development will be carried out till all tests are successful. This idea has to be implemented in order to understand it.

The fundamental problem is that the programmers cannot test their own software. Why Because they think their software functions smoothly. When its time for testing, they are looking for acknowledgement, rather than errors (and doubt their own competence).

In this approach, before even the development process begins, problems need to be solved. This is an intellectual challenge, which has to be addressed with full energy. What can go potentially wrong What happens with null input and what can lead to an exception These considerations alone boost the stability.

If all these considerations are put into tests, it improves the maintainability of the software. These tests are called Unit tests and they are executed after every modification. So it is very easy to find out that modification in class A has caused error in class B.

This kind of. Appendix B error is very awt Code 39 difficult to find out by simply using error messages. For further information about unit testing, refer to http://www.junit.

org. Transactions Transactions make sure that each result of a database access is considered as unit. If a transaction fails, then all actions are rolled back.

They avoid any inconsistent data. Transactions are not supported by all databases. It is interesting to see the problems with distributed databases.

WAR file WAR files are JAR files with a different file extension. They are created in a similar way (using the jar command of JDK) and normally contain a complete context. Tomcat can unpack one of these files automatically and start the web application contained in it.

XML Definition Language This is the XML language for defining XML schemas. It became a W3C standard in May 2001. The language contains a wide range of elements that allow the construction of data models and definition, and derivation of data types in cases where a wide range of data types are provided.

XML Declaration The first line of XML documents can and should be an XML declaration as a processing statement. It makes the document immediately recognizable as an XML document for a processor. Besides the XML version, the character set used in the document is also declared.

In addition, the standalone attribute is also declared to indicate if the document has an internal entity or is linked to external files, for example, an external DTD. A typical example is:. < xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1" standalone="yes" > XML Document awt 3 of 9 This is a document that is well formed for the purpose of XML reference. An XML document could be a valid or invalid document that may or may not correspond to a DTD or XML Schema. A document is physically composed of entities.

The logical structure of an XML Document is composed of information units such as elements, comments, and processing statements..
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