Administrative Tasks: Adding Users and Computers in .NET Build Data Matrix in .NET Administrative Tasks: Adding Users and Computers

Administrative Tasks: Adding Users and Computers generate, create data matrix barcode none in .net projects data matrix This configuratio DataMatrix for .NET n step consists of a series of tasks. A user account, mailbox, and base folder are created for each user.

Furthermore, membership of the user in the security and distribution groups is specified. SharePoint access and disk quotas are also configured. Finally a client computer is assigned to the user.

1. Before you create the user you must select a template in the dialog box Template Selection. The following four templates are available by default: o User Template: In this template, access to the Internet, e-mail, network printers, fax machines, and shared printers is permitted.

This template should be used for normal user accounts. o Mobile User Template: This template has the all the rights of the User Template. Additionally, a connection can be made to SBS 2003 via VPN or dial-in.

o Power User Template: This template has all the rights of the Mobile User Template. Additionally, users working on the basis of this template can administer users, groups, printers, faxes, and shared folders. They can even make a remote connection to the server.

However, a local login on the server is not possible. o Administrator Template: This template provides unrestricted access for server and domain administration..

2 . Apart from these .net vs 2010 ECC200 pre-defined templates you can even create your own templates. You can also change the template for each user later.

After you have selected the appropriate template, click on Next. 2. In the User Information dialog box you can create a new user for the selected template by clicking Add.

If you have already created some users for this template, you will find them listed under Users.. Installing SBS 2003 3. After you have Data Matrix barcode for .NET clicked on Add, fill in the appropriate fields in the dialog box Enter User Information.

For the Logon name field you can pick one of the four available formats from the list. In our example you can choose between Pmustermann, MustermannPeter, PMustermann and PeterM. The value chosen here is also taken as the default for the field e-mail alias, although you are allowed to change it.

If you are done with the entries, click OK.. 4. In the Set Up Client Computers dialog box you can set up a client computer. If you choose the Set up computer now option, you can begin to configure it.

. 2 . 5. In the Client Computer Names dialog box enter the name of the computer and click on Add. Valid characters for the computer name are A Z, a z, 0 9, and - (hyphen).

All information entered via the wizard applies to all the computers in the Accounts will be created for list. You can even remove computers from this list. The default name for the computer account is always Username01, in our example PMustermann01.

However, this name can be deleted and replaced by another one. Click on Next..

6. Next the appli Data Matrix 2d barcode for .NET cations to be installed on the computer are selected in the dialog box Client Applications.

By default the applications Client Operating System Service Packs, Internet Explorer 6.0, Outlook 2003, and the Fax Client are installed. You can, however, change and extend this choice.

Unchecking a checkbox for an installed application does not uninstall the application from the client computer.. Installing SBS 2003 If you have selec Visual Studio .NET 2d Data Matrix barcode ted Outlook 2003 for installation and a previous Outlook version is already installed on the client, you must disable the COM Add-Ins on the client. To do this, take the following steps: Select Options from the Tools menu and click on the Next tab.

Click on Advanced Options and then on COM Add-Ins. Uncheck the checkbox next to the Add-In..

7. In the Client Applications dialog box mark the During Client Setup, allow the selected applications to be modified checkbox if you want to allow the user to change the installation or not install an application during the setup process. You should mark the After Client Setup is finished, log off the client computer checkbox if the user is not able to wait till setup is completed and you don"t want unauthorized access to the computer after the installation is over.

8. If you click on Edit Applications, you will see the Available applications dialog box. All applications available for installation are listed here.

By clicking Add you can make more applications available for installation on the clients..
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