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Enable modules using software todevelop uss code 128 in web,windows application GS1 Bar Codes Glossary First, visit the Modules Code 128 Code Set A for None page and enable all of the modules that we need. For simplicity, just select all of the checkboxes related to the modules listed above. It is especially important to enable the Upload and Webform modules.

. [ 27 ]. Verree High School Building a School Site Configure the Webform module We must configure the We Software ANSI/AIM Code 128 bform module exactly as we want it to work. For this, visit the link or the page for the Webform module on the Administer page, and you will be shown the following page..

[ 28 ]. 2 . All that is actually nec essary to do is to change the default email to the one via which you will want submitted forms to be sent, and specify the default title of the form by which submissions are sent. Having done this, the Webform module will now be configured for use..

Configure the File uploads module The Upload module should also be configured if you are intending to upload a file of an unusual format. Go to the File uploads link on the Administer page, and you will be presented with the page shown in the following screenshot:. Make the relevant change Software Code 128 s according to your liking, especially if you need to add more file extension types to the default permitted file extensions, or if you need to change the maximum file size that is permitted. Otherwise, leave the default settings intact, and save the page. However, be conscious of the security issues of permitting executable files to be uploaded.

. [ 29 ]. Verree High School Building a School Site Create the Downloads Content type By browsing to the Admin Software Code 128B ister page of the site and then into the Content management section (shown in the following screenshot), we will find the Content types link. If we access this page, then we will see the various Content types listed there..

Here, we need to create a new Content type for "Downloads", as this will make it easier for the site administrator to post files for downloading.. [ 30 ]. 2 . To create the "Downloads Software code128b " Content type: 1. Click on the Add content type link at the top of the page. You will then be presented with a form.

2. Add the Content type descriptions, the general rules for the adding of content, and the display of content for this new Content type, in the places where they need to be in the form. Here are some guidelines: a.

In the Identification fields, enter the Name and Description of the content type Downloads. b. In the Submission form settings, choose the title that you want to give the fields.

By default, you are presented with Title (for the title of the submission), Body (for the main story), and also the fields demanding the minimum length of an article before it can be accepted for submission. A field where you can describe submission guidelines for this Content type can also be found here (leave this at the system default setting). c.

In the Workflow setting, we need to determine the default options: Do you want the article to be published and made available for use on the site immediately after submission If so, select the Published checkbox. Do you want to promote the article to the front page If so, select the Promoted to front page checkbox. Do you want the article to remain at the top of the list of contents on the site If so, select the Sticky at top of list checkbox.

In the Attachments option, select Enabled, in order to permit downloadable files to be attached to the content. d. In the Comment Settings, you can indicate whether you want to allow comments to be made on articles from this Content type or not, and if you do, then how these comments will be handled.

e. In the Image Attach settings, enable Attach Images, so that images can also be added to the text. Perform the steps c to e for each of the other Content types.

. [ 31 ].
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