Time for action exporting a 3D model to ASE in Java Printer QR Code JIS X 0510 in Java Time for action exporting a 3D model to ASE

Time for action exporting a 3D model to ASE using servlet toassign qr bidimensional barcode on web,windows application Developing with Visual Studio .NET So far, Bal servlet qr bidimensional barcode der does not offer support for XAML 3D models. However, it works fine with the ASE (3D Studio Max ASCII Scene Exporter) file format. 3D Studio Max offers the possibility to export ASE files from a 3D scene.

However, the spaceship model is now in Blender format. First, we are going to install a script to allow Blender to export models to the ASE format and then we will save the spaceship in the new file format which is compatible with Balder:. Download th e latest version of the Goofos ASE export script for Blender from

htm. For example, one of the latest versions is http://www.katsbits.

com/files/blender/ goofosASE-2.44v0.6. This script is developed by Goofos and released under the GNU GPL license.

. [ 132 ]. 4 . Decompress qr barcode for Java the downloaded ZIP file and copy the Python script (the file with the .py extension) to Blender"s scripts folder. By default, it is C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\.

blender\scripts. The file name for the version 6.10b of this script is goofosASE-2.


py. Restart Blender and open the spaceship model (previously saved in Blender"s native format as Ship01.blend in C:\Silverlight3D\ Invaders3D\3DModels\SPACESHIP01).

Now, select File . Export ASCII Scen jsp Denso QR Bar Code e (.ase) v0.6.

10. The default folder will be the same used in the previous step. Hence, you will not need to browse to another folder.

Enter the desired name, Ship01.ase. Then, click on Export ASCII Scene.

A dialog box will appear. Click on Selection only to deselect this option. This will tell the script to export all the elements in the scene and not just the selected ones, as shown in the following screenshot:.

3. 4..

Click on OK QRCode for Java . Now, the model is available as an ASE 3D model, ready to be loaded in Silverlight using Balder..

What just happened We used Ble jdk qr codes nder"s export capabilities to convert an existing 3D model to the ASE file format, using the Goofos ASE export script.. Time for action installing Balder 3D engine Now, we are jvm QR going to create a new Silverlight application adding the necessary references to use the Balder 3D engine:. Download the most recent release of Balder from [ 133 ]. Working with 3D Characters Balder is a QR Code 2d barcode for Java very active project. Thus, it regularly releases new versions adding additional features and fixing bugs. Sometimes, a new version can introduce changes to classes or methods.

In the following examples, we will use version 1.0..

2. 3. 4.

. Save all th javabean Denso QR Bar Code e uncompressed files in a new folder (C:\Balder). Create a new C# project using the Silverlight Application template in Visual Studio or Visual C# Express. Use 3DInvadersSilverlight as the project"s name.

Select File . Add Refere nce and add the following DLLs from Balder"s folder:. Balder.Core.Silverlight.dll Balder.Silverlight.dll Now, the pr oject will list the references to the aforementioned Balder"s DLLs in the Solution Explorer, as shown in the following screenshot:. What just happened We download ed Balder and we added the necessary references to use it in a Silverlight project. The previously explained steps are the only ones required to access Balder"s components and services in any new Silverlight application..

[ 134 ]. 4 . Time for action from DCC tools to Silverlight Now, we are going to display the ASE 3D model exported from Blender in a Silverlight application with Balder"s help:. 1. 2. 3.

4. 5. 6.

. Stay in the 3DInvadersSilverlight project. Create a new folder in 3DInvadersSilverlight (the main project that will generate the XAP output file). Rename it to Assets.

Right-click on the previously mentioned folder and select Add . Existing i QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for Java tem from the context menu that appears. Go to the folder in which you saved the 3D model in the ASE format (C:\Silverlight3D\Invaders3D\3DModels\SPACESHIP01). Select the ASE file and click on Add.

Click on the ASE file added in the previous step. Change its Build Action property to Resource. Open the XAML code for MainPage.

xaml (double-click on it in the Solution Explorer) and replace the existing code with the following:. <UserCon trol x:Class="_3DInvadersSilverlight.MainPage" xmlns="

com/winfx/2006/xaml/ presentation" xmlns:x="" Width="1366" Height="768" > <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="White" > </Grid> </UserControl>.

7. 8..

Create a ne w class, InvadersGame. Add the following lines of code at the beginning (as we are going to use many Balder"s classes and interfaces):. using using qr bidimensional barcode for Java using using using Balder.Core; Balder.Core.

FlatObjects; Balder.Core.Geometries; Balder.

Core.Lighting; Balder.Core.

Math;. Replace the new InvadersGame class declaration with the following (it has to be a subclass of Game):. public clas awt qr barcode s InvadersGame : Game [ 135 ].
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