IP Call Termination Carriers in .NET Integrating Code 3/9 in .NET IP Call Termination Carriers

IP Call Termination Carriers using vs .net touse ansi/aim code 39 for web,windows application Data Matrix Encoding Data As the name suggests, call 39 barcode for .NET termination carriers are providers rendering services to connect the IP worlds and the traditional PSTN world. You may be familiar with the term PC-to-Phone a service enabling voice calls from a PC to a normal (landline or mobile) phone.

The term "termination" is based upon the idea that a termination carrier is the last point before the call leaves the IP world and enters the PSTN world thus the terminating point in the infrastructure. Like their DID counterparts, call termination providers also operate in two sectors, the carrier/wholesale sector and the retail sector..

[ 66 ]. 4 . Providers focused on the c arrier/wholesale sector operate under the assumption that their customers are other carriers or wholesale users (calling card operators, call shops, service providers, etc.) who are able to generate a high volume of calls (millions of minutes) per day. A typical example for a carrier/wholesale provider would be a company like iBasis (http://www. iBasis provides termination services for carriers, with the ability to terminate calls to multiple parts of the world, while keeping a high service level.

Providers operating in the retail sector operate under the assumption that their customers are end users, or in the high-end enterprises that are able to generate a moderate volume of calls (thousands to tens of thousands of minutes) per month. A typical example for call termination partners in the retail sector would be Vonage (http://www.vonage.

com). Vonage has positioned itself as a residential/ business-oriented VoIP carrier, rendering services world wide. Based upon a flat rate fee billing model, Vonage is a highly popular provider.

In addition to being a termination partner, Vonage also provides DID numbers for its customers in the US. An alternative to Vonage, which is a world-wide carrier, would be NuFone (http://www.nufone.

net). NuFone is a regional VoIP carrier in the USA, operating mainly in the state of Michigan. While NuFone is much smaller than Vonage, its ability to be flexible with its customer is of high value; thus, if your business is located in Michigan, NuFone may be a better choice for you.

. Refilers and Grey Routes Like any other business, t he VoIP carrier market is infested by various so-called carriers, which are not carriers at all. These are referred to as refilers (at the left side of the spectrum) and grey routes (at the right side of the spectrum). A refiler is actually a person who has the ability to connect with multiple carriers, and then provide a single entry point to these carriers.

In general, a refiler aggregates call traffic from multiple points, usually small, into several large scale carriers. Grey route providers are the bad boys of the VoIP business. They are capable of establishing a route to a certain location, operating it for a certain period of time, shutting it down for some reason, and then disappearing with your money.

A large number of refilers around the world work with multiple grey route providers, thus, aggregating multiple grey routes. You must have now realized that connecting with a refiler may not be the right thing for you, if you intend to operate a proper business. If you do intend to use refilers, make sure you have a few of them working for you, so that you don"t get stuck.

. [ 67 ]. Service Providers Your Connection to the World If you have a doubt about USS Code 39 for .NET your choice of termination partner, visit the voipbadguys website (http://www.voipbadguys.

com). While the site is a slightly old and outdated, the information available may save your money (it had saved me in the past a couple of times). If you"ve encountered a carrier that had breached your trust, or you suspect them of wrong doings, report them to voipbadguys.

com, and include them in the list..
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