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Important security advice using barcode encoding for vs .net control to generate, create ansi/aim code 39 image in vs .net applications. History of QR Code Standardization Use your FTP application t USS Code 39 for .NET o delete the file. Once you have done this you can enter the control panel by clicking the link on the screen.

. Deleting the install/install.php file Installing and Configuring vBulletin Troubleshooting If you have managed to get .NET Code 39 Extended this far without problems, then that"s great. Chances are that you won"t have any problems at all because vBulletin has been designed to make installation quick and easy.

However, it would be unwise to discount the possibility that things could go wrong. Here are some of the most commonly occurring problems that you might encounter during the installation of vBulletin. Database Access Issues This is the commonest issu USS Code 39 for .NET e that you are likely to encounter and isn"t really a vBulletin problem it just means that you haven"t made all the necessary configuration changes. If vBulletin cannot access the database, check the following: You are using the correct database username.

(Remember that a prefix may have been added automatically.) The password is correct. The database name is correct.

(Again, a prefix may have been added automatically to the database name.) You have granted the database user full privileges for the database..

If problems still persist, then the problem may be that your FTP client didn"t upload the files properly (especially the text files, which are uploaded as ASCII). Upload all the files again and try to run the installation script again..

Images/Styling Not Showing This is another common pro blem, and it can make the site look very odd no graphics will show, and the text will be unformatted. The problem here is that your web server is sensitive to capitalization but your FTP program uploaded the files all lowercase. To solve this problem navigate to the cpstyles folder and rename the following folders:.

vbulletin_3_default vbulle visual .net barcode 3 of 9 tin_3_frontend vbulletin_3_manual vbulletin_3_silver vbulletin_2_default -> -> -> -> -> vBulletin_3_Default vBulletin_3_Frontend vBulletin_3_Manual vBulletin_3_Silver vBulletin_2_Default. PHP Errors The most common reason for Code 39 Extended for .NET a PHP error is having white space at the end of a PHP file after the closing > tag. Check for this in any of the files that you have recently edited and remove it.

Then resave the file, upload it and try again. If the problems continue, then upload all the files again and try to run the installation script once more..

2 . The vBulletin Control Panel Now that you have come thi s far, you are probably eager to access the Control Panel and get started. Click on the link on the Step 13 page to access the Control Panel. (You will need to have deleted the install/install.

php file before being able to continue.) After clicking on the link you will then need to enter the username and password you assigned to the administrator during the installation of vBulletin..

Logging into the control panel Once you log into the Cont rol Panel, you are faced with a lot of information! Don"t worry though it is well organized, and you will quickly learn where everything is.. The vBulletin Control Panel 33 Installing and Configuring vBulletin Down the left hand side yo 39 barcode for .NET u have a menu that allows you access to all the important features of vBulletin. Here they are organized into categories and sub-categories.

vBulletin Options FAQ FAQ Manager Add New FAQ Item Announcement Manager Add New Announcement Forum Manager Add New Forum Forum Permissions Show All Moderators View Permissions Calendar Manager Add New Calendar vBulletin Options Search Type Style Manager Search in Templates Replacement Variable Manager Download / Upload Styles Find Updated Templates Language Manager Phrase Manager Search in Phrases Download / Upload Languages Users Add New User Search for Users Merge Users Ban User Prune / Move Users Private Message Statistics Referrals Search IP Addresses View Banned Users Send Email to Users Calendar Permissions Holiday Manager Prune Move Unsubscribe Strip Poll Who Voted Moderate Threads Moderate Posts Moderate Attachments Moderate Events Moderate Users Search Moderate Attachments Attachment Statistics Attachment Storage Type Extensions & Sizes.
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