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4. generate, create data matrix barcodes none for .net projects QR Code Module Size and Area 11. Since the stylesheet i gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET s no longer located in style.

css, this path needs to be updated. To do this, use the ExpressionEngine stylesheet variable to indicate the includes template group followed by the site_css template that the CSS stylesheet is in. Change the line:.

<link href="style.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" /> to read:. <link href="{stylesheet=includes/site_css}" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" /> 12. Finally, click Update ECC200 for .NET to save the template and browse to http://localhost/ site to view the output of the template as it stands right now.

It should look identical to the static index.html page (except that in ExpressionEngine, none of the links will work because you have only created one page so far)..

If you did not hide your i ndex.php file as part of installing ExpressionEngine, remember that your ExpressionEngine URLs will include the additional index.php (for example, http://localhost/site will become http://localhost/index.

php/site for you). URLs in this book assume that the index.php has been removed.

. [ 81 ]. Moving a Website to ExpressionEngine Did you spot the deliberat .net vs 2010 gs1 datamatrix barcode e mistake Although, at this point, everything looks good, the content being displayed in this URL is not from your channel at all, but is what you copied and pasted from the index.html file into your site/index template.

The next step is to replace this static content with the content from the website channel.. Pointing your template to your channel Pointing your template to barcode data matrix for .NET use your channel content is the step that links together everything you have done so far (creating custom fields, creating the channel, publishing content to the channel, and creating templates). 1.

In the control panel, click on Design . Templates Template Manager from the Data Matrix for .NET top menu. Then select the site template group and click to edit the index template.

2. Delete all the code from after the <div id="content"> tag to the closing </ div> tag (leave these two tags in place though). 3.

Underneath the <div id="content"> line, add the following. This code says that you would like to display content from the website channel (but only one entry and only the entry with a URL title of welcome_to_our_website)..

{exp:channel:entries chann el="website" limit="1" url_ title="welcome_to_our_website"}. 4. Next, add the following visual .net ECC200 line.

This says that you no longer want content from the website channel. . {/exp:channel:entries}. 5. In between the opening VS .NET barcode data matrix {exp:channel:entries} and closing {/ exp:channel:entries} tags, add the following code.

This displays the title from your entry as an <h1> header.. <h1>{title}</h1> 6. Underneath the title, a Data Matrix ECC200 for .NET dd the following code to place the image from your channel entry onto the page.

The {if website_image} statement means that if there is no image defined in the channel entry, do not display the img code at all.. {if website_image}<img src="{website_image}" class="left" />{/if}. 7. Finally, add the follow Data Matrix for .NET ing tag to display the content of your content field:.

{website_content}. [ 82 ]. 4 . 8. The content section sho gs1 datamatrix barcode for .NET uld now look like:.

<div id="content"> { exp:channel:entries channel="website" limit="1" url_ title="welcome_to_our_website"} <h1>{title}</h1> {if website_image}<img src="{website_image}" class="left" />{/if} {website_content} {/exp:channel:entries} </div> <!-- end #content -->. 9. Finally, update the pag visual .net ECC200 e title to reflect the entry title.

To do this, replace the line <title>Ed & Eg Financial Advisors</title> with the following code. Although it looks complicated, it"s actually the same as the {exp:channel:entries} code in the steps above, except that all you are displaying is the {title} field and not any of the other custom fields you created..

By default, the {exp:chann el:entries} tag requests a lot of information from your database, which can increase the amount of time it takes to display your page. Since you are only displaying one field, the disable parameter tells ExpressionEngine not to request other information you know you do not need (including the data in your custom fields). For more information on this parameter, you can visit http://expressionengine.

com/user_guide/modules/ channel/parameters.html#par_disable. <title>{exp:channel: .net framework gs1 datamatrix barcode entries channel="website" limit="1" url_title="welcome_to_our_website" disable="categories. category_ fields custom_fields member_data pagination"}{title}{/ exp:channel:entries} - Ed & Eg Financial Advisors</title> 10. Click Update to save y our changes and then browse to http://localhost/ site to view your updated website. If everything is well, then you should not notice much difference at all, but behind the scenes, your content is now coming from your channel entry, rather than being part of your template.

. [ 83 ].
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