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Installation using .net vs 2010 todeploy pdf417 in web,windows application GS1 Barcode Types The installation of Jo PDF 417 for .NET omla! is a matter of five minutes. If you have installed it before, you can do it in three minutes.

You will have the opportunity to test this claim in 16. In order to be able to even start the installation, your development environment must include a web server that supports PHP and a database that is supported by Joomla!. The Joomla! files are copied into this system and are then installed with a web installer.

This type of an environment is also called a Client-Server System.. Client-Server System A Client-Server System visual .net PDF417 is a network structure, in which an unlimited number of work stations (clients) can access services offered by a central server. The server is responsible for the delivery of the services.

The client can communicate with the server and supplies the actual user interface. The client is an Internet browser. The servers, in our case, are called Apache and MySQL.

. Accessing a Joomla! Website on the Internet So you have a rough id .net framework pdf417 2d barcode ea of what is going on behind the curtains, here is a simplified list of what has to happen in order for a computer to be able to access a Joomla! website: Establish an Internet connection via a provider. Call up the requested web address (URL) from the browser.

The browser makes contact with the web server. The web server sends a query to the PHP-language interpreter that is installed on the server. The PHP language interpreter calls the Joomla! PHP files and interprets them.

. Installation The PHP interpreter re visual .net PDF-417 2d barcode quests the necessary data from the database. The PHP interpreter creates either HTML or XHTML code, depending on the web server used.

The web server delivers the "page" or the generated code to the client browser. The browser "detects" pointers to CSS and other files (images, flash elements, etc.) in the page just received and requests these from the web server separately.

While loading all the necessary resources, the browser attempts to "parse" and "render" the page, in other words to take it apart and to display it.. You can see from this course of events that the system consists of a lot of components that have no specific relation to Joomla! at all.. Technical Requirements .net framework pdf417 2d barcode for Joomla!. Joomla! requires the f ollowing: An installed and functioning web server, for instance Apache version 1.13.19 or later or Microsoft IIS.

PHP scripting language version 4.3 or later and support for MySQL and Zlib has to be compiled in PHP. Zlib is a library that enables PHP to read file packages that have been compressed with the ZIP procedure.

The MySQL database system from version 3.23.x on or with Unicode character sets MySQL from 4.

1.x on..

Necessary Elements for a Joomla! System Installation You can: Set t he system up locally on your PC Set the system up on a server in a company"s Intranet Rent a virtual server from a provider Rent or purchase a server from a provider (with root access). [ 30 ]. You need all the compo nents mentioned above to install a Joomla! system for yourself. PC, browser, and Internet connection are usually available. There are a number of options for web server, PHP interpreter, and database.

. 2 . You can also: Have t he web server and database located on computers that are physically separated from each other. You can also, of cours pdf417 2d barcode for .NET e, use different: Brands of web servers Versions of PHP interpreters Versions of MySQL databases. And on top of that, yo u can install and operate all these components on various operating systems. This freedom in choice of resources sometimes confuses the layperson, therefore we will discuss a few typical scenarios..

Local Test Environment In the scenario where you are at home or in your office and want to set up a Joomla! website, then you can use any of the following operating systems..
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