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Gutmans_ApxA Page 604 Thursday, September 23, 2004 2:19 PM generate, create code-39 none in .net projects Two-out-of-five code APPENDIX A PEAR and PECL Package Index A.31.5.

1 Description Implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration API for locating and publishing Web Services listings in a UBR (UDDI Business Registry) A.31.6 XML_RPC Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Stig S ther Bakken (lead) PHP implementation of the XML-RPC protocol A.

31.6.1 Description This is a PEAR-i ed version of Useful inc s XML-RPC for PHP.

It has support for HTTP transport, proxies and authentication.. A.32 XML A.32.1 XML_Beauti er Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Stephan Schmidt (lead) Class to format XML documents.


1 Description XML_Beauti er will add indentation and linebreaks to you XML les, replace all entities, format your comments and makes your document easier to read. You can in uence the way your document is beauti ed with several options. A.

32.2 XML_CSSML Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Daniel Allen (lead) The PEAR::XML_CSSML package provides methods for creating cascading style sheets (CSS) from an XML standard called CSSML. A.

32.2.1 Description The best way to describe this library is to classify it as a template system for generating cascading style sheets (CSS).

It is ideal for storing all of the CSS in a single location and allowing it to be parsed as needed at runtime (or from cache) using both general and browser lters speci ed in the attribute for the style tags. It can be driven with either the libxslt pear extenstion (part of xmldom) or the xslt extension (part of the sablotron libraries). You may see an example usage of this class at the follow url: http://mojave. p=22#22 Users may post questions or comments about the class at this location.

My hope is that such a system becomes the standard for the organization of stylesheet information in the future. A.32.

3 XML_DTD Repository: PEAR - License: PHP 3.0 - By Tomas V.V.

Cox (lead). Gutmans_ApxA Page 605 Thursday, September 23, 2004 2:19 PM Parsing of DTD les and DTD validation of XML les A.32.3.

1 Description Parsing of DTD les and DTD validation of XML les. The XML validation is done with the php sax parser, the xml extension, it does not use the domxml extension. Currently supports most of the current XML spec, including entities, elements and attributes.

Some uncommon parts of the spec may still be unsupported. A.32.

4 XML_fo2pdf Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Christian Stocker (lead) Converts a xsl-fo le to pdf/ps/pcl/text/etc with the help of apache-fop A.32.5 XML_FOAF Repository: PEAR - License: PHP License - By Davey Sha k (lead) Provides the ability to manipulate FOAF RDF/XML A.

32.5.1 Description XML_FOAF Allows advanced creation and simple parsing of FOAF RDF/XML les.

A.32.6 XML_HTMLSax Repository: - License: PHP A SAX based parser for HTML and other badly formed XML documents A.

32.6.1 Description XML_HTMLSax is a SAX based XML parser for badly formed XML documents, such as HTML.

The original code base was developed by Alexander Zhukov and published at http:// Alexander kindly gave permission to modify the code and license for inclusion in PEAR.

PEAR::XML_HTMLSax provides an API very similar to the native PHP Expat extension, allowing handlers using one to be easily adapted to the other. The key difference is HTMLSax will not break on badly formed XML, allowing it to be used for parsing HTML documents. Otherwise HTMLSax supports all the handlers available from Expat except namespace and external entity handlers.

Provides methods for handling XML escapes as well as JSP/ASP opening and close tags. Version 2 has had it s internals completely overhauled to use a Lexer, delivering performance *approaching* that of the native XML extension, as well as a radically improved, modular design that makes adding further functionality easy. The public API has remained the same as older versions, except for the set_option() method, the available options having been renamed.

Additional options are now also available, which allow HTMLSax to behave almost exactly like the native Expat extension. For example if the contents.
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