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  • Preparing the Source Code 545 using visual studio .net toproduce code 128a on web,windows application POSTNET The /usr/s .net framework barcode standards 128 rc directory is the traditional location for the kernel source. Also check whether the kernel code appears in /root/rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel* (FEDORA) or /usr/src/redhat (RHEL), as that is where it is installed by default.

    If it is there, see step 4 on page 546. If the source code is present on the system, skip to Cleaning the Source Tree on page 547..

    Installing the Kernel Source Code When the kernel source code is not present on the system, you need to install it. FEDORA Before you Code 128 Code Set A for .NET start, install rpmbuild. You will need this program to unpack and apply patches to the source files.

    The rpmbuild utility is part of the rpmdevtools package. Give the following command to install this package:. # yum install rpmdevtools RHEL Before you start, install some development tools including the C compiler (gcc): Use pirut (page 505) to install Development: Development Tools. You also need to install two packages:. # yum install redhat-rpm-config rpm-build FEDORA 1. To down Code-128 for .NET load the source code for a Fedora kernel, point a browser at mirrors. From the Mirror List Filter in the upper-right corner of the Web page, click the version number of the release of Fedora you want to download (12 in the case of this example).

    The list is ordered by the country codes that appear in the left column. Find a site near you and click http or ftp adjacent to the words Fedora Linux. Next click releases followed by the version number of Fedora (12) and then fedora, source, and SRPMS.

    1. To download the source code for a Red Hat Enterprise Linux kernel, point a browser or FTP client at ftp://ftp.redhat.

    com/pub/redhat/linux/enterprise and select the version of RHEL you want, following the links until you get to the SRPMS directory. For the RHEL 5 server kernel, go to. RHEL RHEL+FEDORA From the S .net vs 2010 barcode 128 RPMS page, click and download the rpm file for the kernel source code. It will have a name similar to kernel-2.


    fc12.src.rpm (FEDORA) or kernel-2.



    rpm (RHEL). The src indicates the package contains source files. From Firefox, select Save file, which downloads the file to ~/Downloads (FEDORA) or ~/Desktop (RHEL).

    Alternatively, you can use yumdownloader to download the kernel for the local system. See page 505 for instructions. 2.

    Working with root privileges, use rpm to install the package you just downloaded. You need either to cd to the directory that holds the rpm file. 546 15 Rebuilding the Linux Kernel or to spec .net framework code 128b ify the pathname of the rpm file in the following command. You can ignore the warnings about mockbuild.

    . # rpm -Uvh kernel*src.rpm 3. The pre barcode standards 128 for .NET ceding command installs the kernel specification file.

    This file holds the instructions that rpmbuild uses to unpack the kernel source files and apply patches to those files. Change directories to the one shown in the following example and run rpmbuild:. FEDORA RHEL RHEL+FEDORA # cd /root visual .net Code 128 Code Set A /rpmbuild/SPECS # rpmbuild -bp --target $(arch) kernel.spec # cd /usr/src/redhat/SPECS # rpmbuild -bp --target $(arch) kernel-2.

    6.spec. This comma nd takes a few minutes to run and generates a lot of output. If rpmbuild lists missing dependencies, install those packages and give the preceding command again. 4.

    Traditionally the source for the kernel that the system is running is kept in /usr/src/linux. The following commands move the source to the /usr/src directory and create a symbolic link to linux there. This example shows the name of the kernel directory as linux-2.


    The name on the system you are working on will be different. Under Fedora the BUILD directory is in /root/rpmbuild; under RHEL it is in /usr/src/redhat..

    # cd /root barcode standards 128 for .NET /rpmbuild/BUILD/kernel-2.6.

    31 # ls linux-2.6.31.

    i686 vanilla-2.6.31 vanilla-2.

    6.31-rc5-git2 # mv linux-2.6.

    31.i686 /usr/src # cd /usr/src # ln -s /usr/src/linux-2.6.

    31.i686 /usr/src/linux. After you give these commands, the patched kernel source is located in /usr/src/linux. The rest of this chapter assumes that the kernel source is in this location..

    Now the wo Code 128 for .NET rking directory is /usr/src/linux tip All commands in this section on building a kernel are given relative to the top-level directory that. holds the kernel source. Traditionally this directory is /usr/src/linux. Make sure that this directory is your working directory before proceeding.

    If necessary, link the directory holding the kernel source in /usr/src to /usr/src/linux as explained in step 4..

    Preparing the Source Code 545 in .NET Incoporate code 128 barcode in .NET Preparing the Source Code 545

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