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Correcting Text using iphone toadd uss code 128 in web,windows application Microsoft Office Excel Website To correct text, us iPhone Code 128 Code Set B e dd, dw, or x to remove the incorrect text. Then use i, a, o, or O to insert the correct text. For example, to change the word pressing to hitting in Figure 6-4 on page 154, you might use the ARROW keys to move the cursor until it is on top of the p in pressing.

Then give the command dw to delete the word pressing. Put vim in Input mode by giving an i command, enter the word hitting followed by a SPACE, and press ESCAPE. The word is changed and vim is in Command mode, waiting for another command.

A shorthand for the two commands dw followed by the i command is cw (Change word). The cw command puts vim into Input mode..

Page breaks for the printer tip CONTROL-L tells the iPhone Code 128 Code Set A printer to skip to the top of the next page. You can enter this character anywhere in a document by pressing CONTROL-L while you are in Input mode. If ^L does not appear, press CONTROL-V before CONTROL-L.

. 158 6 The vim Editor Ending the Editing Session While you are editi ng, vim keeps the edited text in an area named the Work buffer. When you finish editing, you must write the contents of the Work buffer to a disk file so the edited text is saved and available when you next want it. Make sure vim is in Command mode, and use the ZZ command (you must use uppercase Zs) to write the newly entered text to the disk and end the editing session.

After you give the ZZ command, vim returns control to the shell. You can exit with :q! if you do not want to save your work..

Do not confuse ZZ w iPhone barcode 128 ith CONTROL-Z caution When you exit from vim with ZZ, make sure that you type ZZ and not CONTROL-Z (which is typically. the suspend key). W hen you press CONTROL-Z, vim disappears from your screen, almost as though you had exited from it. In fact, vim will continue running in the background with your work unsaved.

Refer to Job Control on page 285. If you try to start editing the same file with a new vim command, vim displays a message about a swap file (Figure 6-7, page 162)..

The compatible Parameter The compatible para meter makes vim more compatible with vi. By default this parameter is not set. To get started with vim you can ignore this parameter.

Setting the compatible parameter changes many aspects of how vim works. For example, when the compatible parameter is set, the Undo command (page 157) can undo only the most recent change; in contrast, with the compatible parameter unset, you can call Undo repeatedly to undo many changes. This chapter notes when the compatible parameter affects a command.

To obtain more details on the compatible parameter, give the command :help compatible RETURN. To display a complete list of vim s differences from the original vi, use :help vi-diff RETURN. See page 155 for a discussion of the help command.

On the command line, use the C option to set the compatible parameter and the N option to unset it. Refer to Setting Parameters from Within vim on page 175 for information on changing the compatible parameter while you are running vim..

Introduction to vim Features This section covers online help, modes of operation, the Work buffer, emergency procedures, and other vim features. To see which features are incorporated in a particular build, give a vim command followed by the version option..

Online Help As covered briefly earlier, vim provides help while you are using it. Give the command :help feature to display information about feature. As you scroll through the various help texts, you will see words with a bar on either side, such as .

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