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tk_popup $menu $x $y $entry generate, create qrcode none with .net projects iOS The last arg QR for .NET ument speci es the entry to activate when the menu is posted. It is an optional parameter that defaults to 1.

The menu is posted at the speci ed X and Y coordinates in its parent widget. The tk_optionMenu command creates a menubutton and a menu full of radio entries. It is invoked like this:.

tk_optionMenu w varname firstValue value value ... The rst arg QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for .NET ument is the pathname of the menubutton to create. The second is the variable name.

The third is the initial value for the variable, and the rest or the other choices for the value. The menubutton displays the current choice and a small symbol, the indicator, to indicate it is a choice menu..

Keyboard Traversal The default QR Code ISO/IEC18004 for .NET bindings for menus allow for keyboard selection of menu entries. The selection process is started by pressing <Alt-x> where x is the distinguishing let-.

Created: Mar ch 15, 1994 ButtonMenu.fm3 Copyright Prentice Hall DRAFT: 1/13/95. Buttons and Menus Chap.14 ter for a me .net vs 2010 Quick Response Code nubutton. The underline attribute of a menubutton is used to highlight the appropriate letter.

The underline value is a number that speci es a character position, and the count starts at zero. For example, a File menu with a highlighted F is created like this:. menubutton .menubar.file -text File -underline 0 \ -menu .menubar.file.m After a menu VS .NET Denso QR Bar Code is posted the arrow keys can be used to change the selected entry. The <Up> and <Down> keys move within a menu, and the <Left> and <Right> keys move between adjacent menus.

The bindings assume that you create your menus from left to right. If any of the menu entries have a letter highlighted with the -underline option, then typing that letter will invoke that menu entry. For example, an Export entry that is invoked by typing x can be created like this:.

.menubar.file.m add command -label Export -underline 1 \ -command File_Export When the use qr bidimensional barcode for .NET r types <Alt-f> over the main window, the menu .menubar.

file.m is posted. The case of the letter is not important.

. The <spac e> and <Return> keys will invoke the menu entry that is currently selected. The <Escape> key will abort the menu selection and unpost the menu..

Menu Attributes A menu has a few global attributes, and then each menu entry has many buttonlike attributes that describe its appearance and behavior. The table below gives the attributes that apply globally to the menu, unless overridden by a per-entry attribute. The table uses the X resource names, which may have a capital at interior word boundaries.

In Tcl commands use all lowercase and a leading dash.. Table 14 5 Resource names of attributes for menu widgets. activeBackgr ound activeForeground activeBorderWidth background borderWidth cursor disabledForeground font foreground. Background c .net vs 2010 qrcode olor when the mouse is over a menu entry. Text color when the mouse is over a menu entry.

Width of the raised border around active entries. The normal background color for menu entries. Width of the border around all the menu entries.

Cursor to display when mouse is over the menu. Foreground (text) color when menu entries are disabled. Default font for the text.

Foreground color. (Also fg)..

Created: Mar ch 15, 1994 ButtonMenu.fm3 Copyright Prentice Hall DRAFT: 1/13/95. Menu Attributes Table 14 5 Resource names of attributes for menu widgets. postCommand selectColor tearOff Tcl command QRCode for .NET to run just before menu is posted. Color for selector in check and radio type entries.

True if menu should contain a tear off entry.. The attribut es for menu entries are only valid in Tcl commands; they are not supported directly by the X resource database. You can still use the resource database for menu entries as described in Example 27 5 on page 328. The table below describes the attributes for menu entries, as you would use them in a Tcl command (i.

e., all lowercase with a leading dash.).

. Table 14 6 Attributes for menu entries. -activebackg round -activeforeground -accelerator -background -bitmap -command -font -foreground -image -label -justify -menu -offvalue -onvalue -selectcolor -state -underline -value -variable. Background c VS .NET Quick Response Code olor when the mouse is over the entry. Foreground (text) color with mouse is over the entry.

Text to display as a reminder about keystroke binding. The normal background color. A bitmap to display instead of text.

Tcl command to invoke when entry is invoked. Default font for the text. Foreground color.

(Also fg). Image to display instead of text or bitmap. Text to display in the menu entry.

Text justi cation:center left right Menu posted when cascade entry is invoked. Value for Tcl variable when checkbutton entry is not selected. Value for Tcl variable when checkbutton entry is selected.

Color for selector. checkbutton and radiobutton entries. normal active disabled Index of text character to underline.

Value for Tcl variable when radiobutton entry is selected. Tcl variable associated with the checkbutton or radiobutton entry..

Created: Mar ch 15, 1994 ButtonMenu.fm3 Copyright Prentice Hall DRAFT: 1/13/95.
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