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Macintosh users can use a similar system called OzTeX which is also freely available from numerous sites on the Internet.. 8.2.8 Tips This section o PDF 417 for Java n report writing will conclude with a few report writing tips to help you. Bell (2005: 245 247) identi es a number of points that can help you discipline yourself and improve your writing skills:. Set deadlines. Your report will take a long time to produce. If you do not set yourself deadlines and stick to them, you will not nish on time.

Using a report breakdown structure can help you to plan your time commitments more accurately. Write regularly. Find your best time of day for writing and your favourite location.

In other words, make sure that you write when your mind is fresh and nd a regular writing place (Saunders et al., 2007: 520 521). People often nd they cannot write with distractions or when they are over-tired.

. 8.3 Writing abstracts Create a work rhythm. Once you are under way, keep going. Don t stop to check a reference if the text is owing, keep going until you reach a natural break.

Write up sections when they are ready when they are clear in your mind. This will also save time towards the end of your project when your project write-up might be little more than a collation of your existing text and producing an introduction and conclusion. Stop at a point from which it is easy to restart.

It can often take a lot of time to get going again after a break so try to stop at a natural break in your report for example, when you have completed an entire section. Trying to pick up from where you left off the previous day or week can be dif cult as you might have forgotten what it was you intended to write. If a break in your work is unavoidable, make a note of what you intended to do next so that when you come back to your writing later you can pick up from where you left off more easily.

Collate all the material you need together before starting to write. Breaking your writing ow to search for a reference or visit the library to trace a vital book will not help. Allow time for revision.

You will not produce a perfect report in one sitting. Make sure you allow plenty of time to check and improve what is written. Read out loud.

By reading your report out loud to yourself it will help you spot grammatical errors, overly long sentences, poorly written sentences, odd punctuation and whether or not the text makes sense. Get someone else to read it. Another person will often spot errors you don t.

Because you have been so close to your report you read what you expect to read rather than what is actually written. A different set of eyes will pick up mistakes that you have missed. Avoid perfectionism when writing your report.

It is better to get something down that is approximately right to start with (and you can edit later), than agonising over each sentence trying to get them perfect. Don t keep trying to get one section/chapter perfect before moving onto the next. When you have said approximately what you want to say, move onto the next section/chapter you can always return to them later if there is time.

There is a well used phrase that is appropriate here Don t get it right get it written .. Blaxter et al. jsp PDF-417 2d barcode (2006: 261) de ne the function of an abstract as to brie y summarize the nature of your research project, its context, how it was carried out, and what its major ndings were . The abstract provides the reader with an overview of your project and is the basis on which many readers will decide whether or not to read your report at all.

With this in mind your abstract should be concise (preferably no more than one page long), clear and interesting. Many abstracts are structured like a contents listing, but this is of little value to the reader who can refer to the report s actual contents list for this kind of information. Your report s abstract should be one of the last things you write; when you actually know what you have achieved and what the content of your report is.

Avoid using references in your abstract as the reader will not necessarily wish to search through your report to nd them.
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