Service Implementation with WCF in .NET Attach barcode 128 in .NET Service Implementation with WCF

5.3 Service Implementation with WCF use visual studio .net code 128a encoder tocreate code 128 code set c for .net MS Excel [OperationContrac .net vs 2010 code-128c t] string Greet(); }. Example 5.33 NOTE Custom behaviors can be defined by implementing the IServiceBehavior class. Instancing The In Code 128 Code Set A for .NET stanceContextMode parameter is used to control how instances are created, wheras the ConcurrencyMode parameter indicates the threading model parameter used by the service. In Example 5.

33, the service is a singleton with concurrency set to mutithreaded. Throttling controls, another example of a configurable service behavior, are used to place usage limits on a service to prevent over-consumption. Throttling controls can place limits on the number of concurrent calls, connections, instances, and pending operations.

This form of throttling is carried out on a per service type and affects all instances of the service and all of its endpoints. Unlike the InstanceContextMode parameter, which is configured in code, the throttling behavior is configured in the configuration file:. <behaviors> <behavior name="ThrottlingBehavior"> <throttling maxConcurrentCalls="5" maxConnections="10" maxInstances="10" maxPendingOperations="10" /> </behavior> </behaviors>. Example 5.34 Instancing is use d to control how many instances of a service can run at the same time. WCF includes four instance models, as listed in Table 5.3.

Instancing is enabled using service behaviors and the InstanceContextMode parameter.. Instance Models per call 5: WCF Services Description the default behav visual .net code-128b ior of a service (an instance of the service is created per client call requiring that the per call option of an operation be stateless) one instance of the service is created per session and cannot be shared across sessions one instance of the service is created per session and can be shared across sessions only one instance of the service is created for all incoming service calls (an option used primarily to implement singleton services). per session shareable single Table 5.3 A list of WCF instance models. A Sample Implemen tation Various concepts were previously covered, including Data Contracts, Message Contracts, Endpoint Address, Faults, Behaviors, Bindings, Metadata Exchange (MEX) and others. The following example pulls together several of the individual elements, attributes and classes to present a very simple but complete service implementation. The Greeting service has two operations: Greet1 and Greet2.

Greet1 accepts a name parameter and returns a string with Hello prefixed to the name. Greet2 accepts a data contract comprised of populated First Name and Last Name fields and returns a string with Hello appended to the name..

using System; usi code 128 barcode for .NET ng System.ServiceModel; using System.

Runtime.Serialization; namespace HelloService { [ServiceContract(Namespace = "HelloService", Name = "IGreet")] public interface IGreet { [OperationContract] string Greet1(string name); [OperationContract] string Greet2(NameContract nameContractValue); }. 5.3 Service Implementation with WCF public class Gree Visual Studio .NET code 128 code set c t : IGreet { public string Greet1(string name) { return "Hello: " + name; } public string Greet2(NameContract nameContractValue) { return "Hello: " + nameContractValue.FirstName; } } [DataContract] public class NameContract { [DataMember] public string FirstName {get; set;} [DataMember] public string LastName {get; set;} } }.

Example 5.35 In order to host barcode standards 128 for .NET the service in IIS, we need to create an .svc file and reference the service using the ServiceHost directive as shown here:.

<% @ServiceHos t Language=C# Debug="true" Service="HelloService.Greet" CodeBehind="~/App_Code/Greet.cs" %>.

Example 5.36 Finally, we need to configure the service endpoint s address, binding, and contract in the Web.Config file:. <configuration .net framework Code-128 xmlns="

com/.NetConfiguration/v2.0"> <system.

serviceModel> <services> <service name="HelloService.Greet" behaviorConfiguration="GreetTypeBehaviors"> <endpoint. 5: WCF Services address="mex" bin VS .NET code 128b ding="mexHttpBinding" contract="HelloService.IGreet" /> </service> </services> <behaviors> <serviceBehaviors> <behavior name="GreetTypeBehaviors" > <serviceMetadata httpGetEnabled="true" /> <serviceDebug includeExceptionDetailInFaults="true"/> </behavior> </serviceBehaviors> </behaviors> </system.

serviceModel> </configuration>. Example 5.37 The httpGetEnable visual .net Code 128 d=true behavior indicates a WSDL definition is published with the service. includeExceptionDetailInFaults=true configures the service to return unhandled exceptions as faults and includeExceptionDetailInFaults=false will raise the actual exception to the service consumer.

. SUMMARY OF KEY POINTS Behaviors are t Visual Studio .NET code 128c he types that modify or extend the service s functionality and control the internal behavior of a service. Instancing settings determine the amount of allowed concurrent services instances.

. 5.4 Service Hosting with WCF A WCF service is visual .net code 128 code set c independent of the hosting environment, allowing the most appropriate hosting model to be selected without the need to change anything in the service. There are several options when it comes to hosting WCF services: Internet Information Services (IIS) Windows Activation Service (WAS) installed with IIS 7.

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